Opening Act of Rambling Academic

Welcome to the first post on Rambling Academic. As a warning, this blog won’t be very academic (but it will be about academic things!).  I also might not ramble very much. So, what’s in it for you, dear reader? If you engage in research in any way, then you should find something useful here. If you’re interested in reading about the nuts and bolts of research, then I’m talking (and listening) to you.

What’s in it for You

What do I mean by the nuts and bolts? These are the little things that are part of daily academic life, and shared across different fields. Generally, you might read about:

  • Software tricks (mostly MATLAB and LaTeX)
  • Paper writing and publishing
  • Reviewing

Occasional posts will be a bit more philosophical. Rambling Academic is my perspective on doing certain things “the right way”. Maybe we will agree to disagree, but I do hope to share something meaningful.

A Bit About Me

Of course, why would you listen to an anonymous person on the internet? Nobody does that, right? Right?

Part of “owning” anything that you publish means that your audience knows who you are. I’m holding myself to the same standard here. My name is Adam Noel and I am currently a postdoc working at the Université de Montréal and the University of Ottawa. I have an MASc and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. I also have a BEng in Electrical Engineering from Memorial University in St. John’s.

Why would I write this blog? This blog is a natural extension of the conversations I’ve had with friends and fellow researchers. Many conversations have been about these “little things”, and I believe that some of these are worth sharing.

What Rambling Academic isn’t: You won’t find many details about my research (you can read about that at my personal site), but of course this blog is influenced by my work. So, “technical” topics here will generally come from an engineering perspective.

Participate on Rambling Academic

I’d love to hear feedback, questions, or suggestions. Comments are open. Please subscribe if you would like updates about my posts. There will be a few quick posts as this site goes live, but no more than one email per week.

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